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Who are we?

Peachy Cheeks Fitness is a health and wellness team, where highly qualified and experienced fitness instructors give you the tools you need to develop into the best version of yourself, physically, mentally, and spiritually from the comfort of your own home or a venue/location of your choice. 

With a combination of mindfulness, recovery stretching, and high-intensity interval training, you are guaranteed to leave the class feeling both sweaty and empowered. 

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Meet Your Coaches:

Morgan Findlay


Morgan was born and raised in New Zealand, and as a six year military Veteran he has trained the worlds elite from battle field to sports field. A military physical training instructor by trade, his rugby resume has allowed him to play his national sport all over the world. Collegiate rugby brought him to St Louis MO where he completed his bachelors and MBA as a two-time All American.

A certified snow and water ski instructor, Morgan had a career competing in professional sport across multiple disciplines. His journey taught him to not only focus on performance, but the preventative side of healthy living.

Michelle Adams

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Michelle has spent her life in a gym starting at age 3. She had the opportunity throughout her career to train with professional trainers, therapists, nutritionists, coaches and athletes around the world. A national competitor in gymnastics for 5 years followed by competing NCAA D1 and being awarded All-American all 4 years. In this time her passion and goal was trying to figure out how to help people both mentally and physically. Initially planning on med school by graduating Magna Cum Laude with a major in bio-medical sciences and double minor in chemistry and psychology while being a mental crisis worker, deep into hands on research with glaucoma, a teaching assistant in human physiology, gymnastics coach and full-time athlete. In this journey – she woke up one day and realized medical school was not her answer, because this all taught her how important the entire holistic package was, so she packed her bags and began touring as a professional acrobat and flyer to live her childhood dream and grow her potential to help others as they deserve.

During this journey she had the opportunity to train and learn from some of the best around the world and still continues to. Learning a variety of methods to reach optimal health in all realms. She studied Western approaches and then dove deeply into the Eastern approach and now incorporates both. She has a strong belief in Holistic approaches by looking at the whole individual. During her time she not only learned a lot through her own personal experience, but she also has been certified in many areas including – Yoga, Personal Training (NASM), Mindfulness and Meditation, Mental Health Crisis Worker, Sports Safety, Nutrition (Vegan & Ayurveda) & more. With Michelle you will always leave feeling energized and passionate for life’s endeavors.

Jessica Taroff


Jessica has always been dedicated to fitness & yoga, as well as educating those around her. After five years as a high school math teacher, including two years of teaching through Teach For America in Miami and earning a Masters degree in Secondary Education from Johns Hopkins, Jessica decided to transfer her skills and love for educating and instructing from the classroom to the fitness and yoga industry.

Jessica has her 200-Hour Yoga Certification from Empower Yoga, Yoga Sculpt Certification from Corepower Yoga, as well as Group Fitness Certification through ACE, OTFit Certification through Orangetheory Fitness, as well as Pre and Post Natal Fitness Certified through Oh Baby Fitness! She also specializes in recovery stretching as well. You are guaranteed to leave Jessica’s classes feeling empowered to take on the rest of your day with her high energy and encouragement!

Bree Chamberlain


Hailing from the 314, Bree got her start in fitness in her early years with competitive dance and gymnastics. Although a little older, you still might catch her backflipping in a pair of heels. Her warmth and kindness does not go unnoticed in her classes, as she has a genuine and kind heart, committed to improving the people around her. She loves a good HIIT workout, but she also values the peaceful practice of connecting the mind/body on the yoga mat.

Bree is an ACE certified Personal Trainer Fitness and Full Body Tabata HIIT instructor. She also specializes in Nutrition for Sports, Exercise and Weight Management, and Stress Management. Her mission is to share techniques to create mindfulness and tranquility in everyday life. 

Upcoming Classes:

Our Peachy Workouts include:

Mindfulness Meditation & Stretch

Start your day in a peachy way. Mindfulness meditation and stretch will set you up for success. Learn how to acknowledge thoughts that arise and let them go, rather than judging and pushing thoughts away. This class guarantees to stretch your soul to new limits!

HIIT Happens

Want to look and feel like an athlete? Make HIIT happen.

Give us your best for 20-30mins , and continue to burn calories long after you stop working out.

HIIT happens will challenge your strength and resistance, increase cardiovascular output, and your endorphins will keep you coming back for more.

Our classes are designed to come to you with minimal to no equipment.

Yin & Tonic

Slow down and restore. Each pose is held from 3-5 minutes per side and while you lengthen and stretch your connective tissue, bones, joints, and fascia to help regain mobility. This class is guaranteed to reduce stress, increase circulation, mobility and flexibility. Release blockages and increase your energy flow during this mindfulness, deep stretch.

Peachy yoga In The Park : All levels

Intentionally use your breath to drive your movements and fuel your soul along the way. Whether you can walk on your hands or have never taken a yoga class before, this class adjusts to all levels, meeting you at your needs! Class will be held at Chastain Park Hilltop Fields, so prepare to sweat, flow, and stretch to new limits in this 60 minute vinyasa yoga flow class. Bring a mat, towel, water, and positive attitude with you!

Peachy In The Park (Hybrid)

We bring all your favorites into one hybrid class! This class includes the works from your three favorite trainers:

- 25 minutes of HIIT Happens
- 20 minutes of Recovery Stretch
- 10 minutes of Mindfulness Meditation & Stretch

All Park Classes Are Held At Chastain Park Hilltop Fields. Click For More Information on Location! Ample Parking Available.

private classes

Book your private class today by emailing FitFam@PeachyCheeksFitness.com

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